The Script Comic


Amy: What's That?! Alien King: I Think It Is....

Demon Fairy: Right Here!

Amy: What?!

Alien King: It's A Demon Fairy!

Demon Fairy: I Thought I Appearing In What's A Knope!

King Asliblin: Did SomeBody Say Knope?!

Blob: What Knope?!

King Asliblin: The Demon Fairy!

Alien Tinys: Meep Meep Meep Meep Meep.......

Alien King: So Welcome To Zuppo!

Demon Fairy: Honey, Just, Calm Down

Amy: But, What!

Blob: There It Is... The Underpass Of Icicles!

Amy: Is That Scary?


Blob: Yep! (He Spits Like A Whoopie Cushin)

Blob: Works For Me! (He Farts!)

Demon Fairy: Did You Fart, Blob?

Blob: Yep!

Alien King: Please, Stop Farting!

Amy: Yes Sur, Stop Farting Blob!

Blob: O-K

Demon Fairy: Thak You' Daaaa' Thank You!


Demon Fairy: What's THAT!?

Alien King: I Think It's A Fire Island!

Blob: What Kind Of Fire Island?

Demon Fairy: Alasca On Zuppo!

Amy: What?

Alien King: The Battle Movie Is Over!

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